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"The Powerhoop Deluxe is at the forefront of the hula hoop game".

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The world's best weighted hula hoop.

We are the award winning Powerhoop. Better know as having the world's best weighted hula hoop. Our fitness hoops offer the perfect core workout that is fun and effective.
Best weighted hula hoop

Frequently asked questions

Hold the hoop level with both hands, keeping the hoop pressed up against your lower back. Place your feet hip-distance apart and step forward with one foot, about 10 cm. Stand up straight and soften your knees slightly so your body feels stable, balanced and relaxed.
Still standing up straight and keeping the Powerhoop level, feed the hoop across the abdominal muscles in the same direction as your forward foot. Speed is important so give it a good push. Move your hips forward and back (not side-to-side) to keep the hoop spinning. Tighten your abs and "push" against the impact of the hoop with your tummy.
Stop your Powerhoop, switch the position of your feet, and hoop in the opposite direction. That may seem difficult at first, but for balanced training it's very important to use your hoop for equal time in both directions. Hooping builds abdominal muscle quickly; if you don't hoop both ways you might actually notice that you have become firmer and slimmer on one side of your body!

- Adjustable weight to match your skill and fitness goals.

- Portable design means you can breakdown and store away or travel with no hassle.

- Durable material mean you have a hoop that lasts.

Our Powerhoop deluxe has been scientifically proven to give you:
- Slimmer waist, hips, thighs and buttocks
- Reduced lower back pain
- Stronger core muscles
- Improved coordination

There are many weighted hula hoops on the market. Most of which are unproven, cheap and a waste of money. Here at Powerhoop we have two hoops that will offer you the most effective and fun way to keep fit. Our Powerhoop Slim is perfect for petite or beginners. As for the Powerhoop Deluxe you have the option to use it without any weights or with one or two sets of weights. Depending on your skill and fitness level.