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Powerhoop Light Hula Hoop

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Perfect Kids Hula Hoop...

The Powerhoop Light is the best Kids Hula Hoop for young people and very slim users. Powerhoop is a revolutionary fitness tool - an effective way to have fun and stay in shape.

The Powerhoop Light helps young people burn off excess energy in a blast of colour and with oodles of fun! The Powerhoop Light makes the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for fun, fitness and long-lasting entertainment.

Get hula hooping today, for the most fun and effective workout!


Key features:

- Weight: 900 g or 790 g with one link removed. For preteens and sensitive adults

- Diameter: 100 cm, or 87.5 cm with one link removed

- Suitable for healthy preteens (ages 10 and up) and sensitive adults.

- Durable: sturdy enough for heavy such as in school gyms

- Portable: can be assembled and dismantled for convenient storage

- Adaptable: Can be used with 7 or 8 links depending on the users size.

NOTE: Please refer to our safety page if you have any safety-related questions.


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