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Fitness Hula Hoop Instructor Training

Join the global Powerhoop Pro Instructor family! 

A Powerhoop workout is a dynamic, fun and effective full-body workout that includes weighted hula hooping, cardio, HIIT, strength and toning – for a stronger core and so much more!


Become a Powerhoop Pro Instructor and boost your fitness career by teaching the world’s premier weighted hula hoop workout. Our team of global instructors change lives: teaching Powerhoop is rewarding and you can build a successful business with low investment using our ‘business in a box’ Powerhoop Pro instructor training package.

Our Powerhoop instructor training course is delivered online via our training platform, and on average it takes just 4 weeks to complete.

Your training package includes:

  1. A free Powerhoop slim (with carry bag) for you to practice with
  2. Instructional videos and one-on-one teaching support
  3. Group Exercise class basics
  4. How to learn and teach hooping
  5. Techniques for safety and success
  6. How to work with music and choreography
  7. Six additional free Powerhoop slims when you successfully complete your course: enough for you to start classes with!

Book your Powerhoop Pro Instructor here now, and begin a new career with us!

Become a Powerhoop instructor now

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