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Powerhoop Slim

  • £10.95
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The perfect fitness hoop...

The Powerhoop Slim is a fitness hoop that offers the perfect introduction into hula hooping whilst growing your fitness level.

Its 1.4kg weight helps slim the waist and tone the body’s core muscles, whilst the non-­wavy foam padding provides extra protection against discomfort.

Our fitness hoop may be a little tame for some of you, so make sure you take a look at our award-winning Powerhoop Deluxe weighted hula hoop 2.2kg before you choose. You have the choice of three weights ranging from 1.6kg to 2.2kg so if you are a beginner you could start at 1.6kg and slowly add the weights as your comfort levels increase.

Key Features

Weight: 1.4 kg or 1.2 g with one link removed for Teens and Sensitive Adults.
Easy to store: Can be assembled and dismantled for travel and storage.
Safe: All materials meet strict European chemical safety standards.
Comfort: Outer foam like material ensures a comfortable and durable workout.


  • Powerhoop Slim fitness hoop.
  • 3min Instructional video download (Video link inside box).
  • FREE 30-day trial to Powerhoop TV.


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