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What Powerhoop results can I expect?

 “The use of a Powerhoop weighted hoop for 6 weeks was associated with a slimmer waistline and hips. The change in skinfold measures suggest a redistribution of body mass.” -Stuart McGill PhD, and Jordan Andersen BSc, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada

Our customers are so enthusiastic about their Powerhoops that they actually ring to tell us about their results. With regular use, you’ll be surprised to discover how quickly you’ll notice the effects, including:

  • Slimmer waist, hips, thighs and buttocks
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Stronger core muscles
  • Improved coordination


Challenge yourself with a weighted hula hoop!

• Take measurements! At any time during your Powerhoop journey, collect data so you can track your progress. Prepare to be be amazed by the results! Check this video on HOW TO MEASURE YOUR BODY. It's important to check your progress with a tape measure - not a scale! The abdominal muscles you build weigh more than fat, so you might not notice as much progress in pounds as you do in inches.


Powerhoop Success Stories

Weight loss: 10 stone (140 lbs)

"I have gone from a size 24 to a 10. I can honestly say that Powerhoop made all the difference." - Barbel Williamson, 52, Northumberland UK

Read Barbel's Powerhoop Success Story in the Daily Mirror.


Weight loss: 2st 3lb (31 lbs)

“My weight has yo-yo'd in the last 15 years, with the advent of children and more recently with the passing of my dad. On New Years Day I tipped a pound short of 13 stone which was real wake-up call, and the healthy eating began. I knew I needed to couple this with exercise, but having previously tried bootcamp, the gym, zumba and 'hour of power' I had not found anything I didn't get bored with, and that I actually enjoyed. I work next door to the Leisure Centre in Littleport, and noticed that they were advertising 'Powerhoop' - I signed up, despite never having been able to hula hoop before. I started on the 21st January weighing in at 12st 9lb, and now in July I have lost 2st 3lb and I feel great! I love the class, and I love the alternating between hooping and regular exercise. There's all abilities in our class and I like the fact it's not competitive - we just enjoy ourselves. My instructor Tania changes it up every week, and I think I've only missed one class in all this time. Powerhoop has encouraged me to have more faith in myself - I joined in Tania's 4 hour fitness fundraiser event in June, I completed a 5k Pretty Muddy this month, and have a 11 mile fundraiser walk planned for September this year. In addition to Tania's classes I have my own Powerhoop and DVD, and I regularly hoop for 10-20 minutes of an evening whilst watching TV." 

Jo Hedges, age 44, Cambridgeshire, England


Weight loss: 4.5 stone (63 lbs)

"I love Powerhooping because I feel a lot fitter/ healthier and it has tightened my core muscles. I had lots of loose skin as I have had 6 kids, and since I start Powerhooping it has shrunk a lot. I also have made a really good friend in my instructor Nicolle, we have fun while working out with her and it's thanks to her encouragement that has kept me going. She is a star and Powerhooping has given me the results I was looking for. I have lost 4.5 stone in total! Very happy indeed." 

- Beverley Burn, age 40, Newcastle, England


Slimmer Waist: 6 inches

"I was miserable with the changes that having children had done to my body, and had lost my confidence. I had 8 weeks until my 30th birthday and was planning a night out, and wanted to lose weight and tone up. For me fitness has to be fun, I found the gym boring! Without a doubt Powerhoop changed my life. Within 6 weeks I had lost 2 inches from my waist, I was feeling happier when I looked in the mirror. My confidence was returning. After hooping for 6 months I'd gone on to lose a further 4 inches from my waist. The weight had come off and was staying off. I felt awesome! I had managed to return to my pre-pregnancy size, something I thought was impossible. I had sold pretty much all of my old clothing because of that mindset. It seemed crazy to think I would be able to wear it now!

Having had such fantastic results for myself I wanted to help other mums who feel the same way I did, so I trained up to teach Powerhoop in 2014. Fast forward to today: I have helped lots of amazing women lose inches from their waist. I love seeing faces light up when after just 6 weeks of hooping they see a difference and their confidence improves. To this day I have not gone more than a week without my trusty Powerhoop! Fitness is now my way of life and I hope to inspire as many people as possible and show them that fitness can be a part of everyday life and it is FUN!

- Melissa Bond, Welling, England


Weight loss: 2.5 st (35 lbs)

"I was 22 stone and had been trying to lose weight for a good few years. I lost five stone and came to a plateau, then I discovered Powerhoop. Powerhoop is the only exercise I’ve ever enjoyed and I was addicted straight away. I started off with one class a week then increased to two. I love it - it is a full body workout and a great laugh. I've noticed a massive difference in my waist and stomach since starting Powerhoop and I would recommend it to anyone. Powerhoop is the only thing that could get the last of my weight off - I’ve lost another 2.5 stone in the last 9 months. I am comfortably wearing a size 14 – I am so pleased! Power to the hoop!"

Nicola Galloway, age 37, Newcastle, England


Weight loss: Alan 3 stone (42 lbs) & Sheila 2.2 stone (30 lbs). 
“My husband Alan and I both began taking Powerhoop classes in Perth when our instructor Jaclyn first started them. Neither of us thought we would be able to do it but we managed and absolutely love it. Great exercise and lots of fun. I attend every class and we have even Powerhooped charity walks. Powerhoop has changed our lives for the better.”

Sheila Barclay, age 52 / Alan Barclay, age 48, Perth, Scotland


Weight loss: 2 stone, 2 lbs

 (30 lbs)

"Before starting Powerhoop I was the biggest I've ever been. I weighed 15 stone and I desperately needed to take action. I heard about Powerhooping through a friend and thought I should give it a go. Although I felt uncomfortable with my size I really enjoyed the fun, upbeat class. I walked away thinking 'this is the change I need'.  In nine months, along with a healthy eating plan I've lost 30lb. I've been so motivated by Powerhoop, and my class instructor Michelle has been the best to help me on my journey." 

Sarah Coldwell, age 24, Yorkshire, England


 "I am writing to say thanks for Powerhoop. It has honestly changed my life. I was a smoker, with low self-esteem, anxiety and a total lack of confidence. I was so unfit, and had an 'apron' of belly fat from a c-section. I had never stepped into a gym, never even tried aerobic classes. I came across an advert for Powerhoop classes by an instructor named Nicolle Kirk. After a lot of debating I decided to go along. When I got to the club I almost turned around and started heading home, but my friend urged me to at least give it a try! Nicolle was an absolute diamond. She made me feel at ease, explained how to use the Powerhoop and the benefits of using the hoop. All through the class I struggled to keep the hoop up, but Nicolle was encouraging and catered to different abilities throughout the class.

I am not going to lie – I was absolutely dreadful at it! I had to get home and 'starfish' on the bed after class. My body was shaking and I felt sick, but that was due to the lack of exercise throughout my life. After I recovered, I realised that I could actually do this. I loved the concept of the hoop and Nichole was super welcoming and motivating. The next week I managed to keep the hoop up. By the third week I was hooked and ordered my own shining Powerhoop, a DVD and extra weights to use at home. I have increased my lessons with Nicolle to twice a week, and work out at home with the Powerhoop DVD. Today I am down to a size 12. My backache has gone, and my core is super strong. Even my 'apron' has started to shift. I no longer smoke, my confidence has had a major boost and my anxiety has eased. It's just amazing how well it works! Nicolle has encouraged me to try other things and I can now happily walk into the gym with my head held high. I am even taking a few other classes, but Powerhoop is my number one. The day I walked into my first class at Powerhoop is the day that changed my life. I am so much happier with myself, and my body is changing on a weekly basis. Again, I thank you." 

Geri Ord, age 37, England


Other Testimonials:

"Powerhoop is an ideal way to build stability around your back, because your abdominal muscles need to constantly tighten up in order to keep the hoop in motion. I can’t recommend Powerhoop enough - it’s a very effective training tool that makes exercise fun." - Mette Ron Christensen, Physiotherapist, Copenhagen

“I'm so happy with my Powerhoop that I tell all of my friends and colleagues. My problem areas are my waist, stomach and hips, and I see a clear improvement. I use my hoop about 10 minutes per day and have lost 10 cm around my waist in the past two months. It's noticeable enough that I'm getting comments about it from others." - Anne-Kari Simonsen, age 56, Kongsberg, Norway

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you!! I have never found an exercise that I could stick with due to the fact I have never enjoyed exercising, went to a Powerhoop class and am absolutely obsessed, have just ordered a hoop so I can practise at home." - Fidelma Burton, Watford UK

“Out of all the classes I do Powerhoop gives the best results by far. I teach classes and training courses for Powerhoop and use it in my PT sessions. My clients love it and are shocked by the results they have got from using a Powerhoop regularly. Anyone serious about fitness should be using a Powerhoop.” - Kerry Ferguson, Powerhoop Instructor & Trainer, UK

"I've lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks and several centimetres off various areas! I couldn't have done it without Tania's amazing classes. I've never really enjoyed exercise but I love Powerhoop. Thank you!"  - Ruth Cresswell, Cambridgeshire