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About Powerhoop

The Powerhoop experience...

"Powerhoop is best known as having the world's best weighted hula hoop"...

Powerhoop is a multi dimensional fitness experience. We have classes all over the world with a large team of professional instructors teaching weekly. New for 2022 we have an on-demand weighted hoop workout platform. Not to mention the selection of hoops for all fitness levels and abilities.


What does Powerhoop stand for?...

Powerhoop stands for making healthy choices and living a healthy lifestyle that has longevity whilst having lots of fun in the process!


The Hoops...

Our multi award winning Powerhoop Deluxe is the market leader in the weighted hula hoop industry. Most recently winning the Independents "Indy BestBuy" for weighted hoops and been quoted by Women's Magazine as saying "The Powerhoop Deluxe is at the forefront of the hula hoop game".



Powerhoop was formed in the early 2000's by Karyn Seroussi, a successful business woman from the United States. Since this time the business has grown into a household name in the fitness industry.


Press recognition

We have been featured in many TV shows, Blogs, Magazines and Newspapers. Most notably the BBC One show, Independent Newspaper, Women's Health Magazine and The Stylist.


Powerhoop Awards

IndyBest Buy - "Best Weighted Hula Hoop" - The Independent Newspaper

BrightPearl Lightning 50 - "2nd fastest growing UK company"


The Team

Karyn Seroussi - Managing Director/Owner.

Matthew Jennings - Head of eCommerce, Digital Marketing & Business Development. LinkedIn

Esther White - Fitness Experience Operations Manager, Master Trainer & Invigilator

Dianne Trower - Training Manager, Instructor & Invigilator