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Powergloves - Weighted Gloves

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Add more “Power” to your workout with Powergloves®

Comfortable, breathable, adjustable weighted gloves that build muscle, tone your arms and shoulders and increase calorie burn. 

Product Details:

Versatile: Adjustable weight - Insert sandbags (included) for a weight of 250g, 350g or 600g per glove.

Complement any workout: Flexible, comfortable Powergloves can be added to any workout to accelerate fat­burning while strengthening, sculpting and toning arms.

Secure: Powergloves stay snugly fastened and leave fingers and palms free for just about any activity, such as walking, jogging, aerobics, housework, tennis, yoga, and Powerhooping.

Comfortable: Soft, flexible neoprene with velcro closure.

This is a perfect set of gym gloves that go perfectly with our Powerhoop Deluxe weighted hula hoop, to give you the full workout.

Note: If you have had an arm or shoulder injury, please do not use Powergloves without first consulting a medical professional.