Powerhoop Deluxe - with Adjustable Weight

  • £59.95


The World's Most Advanced Weighted Fitness Hoop:

The Powerhoop Deluxe is a high-quality weighted fitness hoop. Unlike the lightweight, toy hula hoops™ that you remember from childhood, the Powerhoop Deluxe is many hoops in one, enabling adult users to “upgrade” incrementally as their core muscles get stronger.

The hoop starts with a basic weight of 3.5 lbs/1.6kg, and comes with four stainless steel inserts to take the weight up to 4.2 lbs/1.9kg. If you choose to have an extra set of weights, this will take the total up to 4.8 lbs/2.2kg. The large diameter (102 cm) makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

Includes: Powerhoop Deluxe, Set/s of Weights & 3min Instructional video download (Video link inside box).

Where to use my hoop?: Home workout or our gym class.

What workout?: Full body workout or core workout.


The Powerhoop Deluxe has a sleek, revolutionary design, made possible by a unique overmoulding process, with a hard plastic outer surface to protect the hoop against damage. Shock-absorbing inner compression zones maximise effect while minimising discomfort for new users. Flush, visible buttons make assembly and dismantling a breeze, and patented, compressible and angled impact chambers create variation, based on the direction of one’s hooping.