Welcome Powerhoop Creators!

We are on the look out for engaging and fun individuals who like to create content and showcase their passion for hooping, fitness, health and weight loss...

The term "Influencer" is thrown around alot at the moment. We are not interested in influencers who have no passion or drive for the products they are showcasing. There are so many out there who engage their audience with random products that are not authentic to who they are.

They are only in it for the money, hiding behind a fake world. We have no room for fake influencers. A harsh but fair statement. Be you, don't perceive to be something your aren't.


Creator reward program

We welcome all instagram creators, no matter their follower number. We assess everyone on a case by case basis.

The creator program that we offer is exciting and rewarding.

Get in touch at with the following information and we will be in touch shortly.


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Thank you ever so much for showing an interest in the Powerhoop creator program.

The Powerhoop Team