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Do Weighted Hula Hoops Work? | Powerhoop

Do Weighted Hula Hoops Work?

Weighted hula hoops are 2022's top trending fitness equipment. Many people have invested in buying a weighted hula hoop and intrigued as to how effective they are.

Just like anything else, there are many types of weighted hula hoops on the market. If you choose the right model you will find out just how much they work wonders for your core, waistline and mental health.

Powerhoop is renowned as the best weighted hula hoop with studies prooving they help lose weight and strengthen your muscles. There are other competitors out there who may claim to do wonders but you will need to be careful when researching your purchase. Many models have been made poorly and cheaply in China, for a quick profit.

So, what Is a Weighted Hula Hoop?

A weighted hula hoop is the grown up version of a hula hoop we all know and love from our childhood. Varying in weight from 1.9kg to 2.2kg you have the option to choose a weight that matches your ability and fitness level.

The heavier the weighted hula hoop is, the easier it is to maintain airtime.

The size varies but normally equates to 100 - 102cm in diameter.

The shape is of course circular but you will find many hoops have a wavy design to help optimise your workout.

The material is made from various plastics and the finish can be solid plastic or foam. You will need to be careful, some companies make the hoops cheaply and use plastics that have been proven to cause health issues, so please check.

What is the difference between a Hula Hoop and Weighted Hula Hoop?

Traditional kids hula hoops are just as they are described, childrens toys. They are also used as dancing props but as a whole are ineffective for fitness and should not be counted upon.

Weighted hula hoops on the other hand are an underated and proven serious piece of fitness equipment.

Who Shouldn't Use a Weighted Hula Hoop?

As always if you have a medical condition we suggest you consult with a medical professional. If you have recently given birth we suggest 6 months or more until you try hooping but again please consult.

Using a weighted hula hoop may seem daunting but it actually is reasonable straight forward. When starting out at the begining we suggest you hoop for a couple of minutes a day as you body gets used to the new movement. Youmay see some slight bruising on your tummy. This is normal, it is your body showing you it has not had this sensation before but it will soon go as you build up your strength.
If you want some tips, head over to our "How to Hoop' page where we have a tutorial with our master Powerhoop instructor Kerry wjo will walk you through the basics.

How do you find the right weighted hula hoop for you?

The good thing about Powerhoop is that we have adjustable weights for your weighted hula hoop. You can start with no weights at 1.9kg then incrementally add weights as you become more comfortable.

How often should you use a weighted hula hoop?

At the start try for 2 - 3 minutes then slowly increment the time. Until you reach 20-30 mins 3 times a week for a comfortable workour routine.

Does using weighted hula hoop work?

We have undertaken a study that proves using a Powerhoop is affective when losing weight and strengthening the core. Care must be taken when looking at alternatives which are unproven and endorsed by paid influencers who do not know what they are talking about.