The best Weighted Hoop to buy in 2021

We will show you how weighted hula hoops are the hidden ingredient to good health and a happy soul. At a time where we are constantly stressed and overwhelmed by the modern world, it is important that we find our own space.

Hula hooping is a very peaceful hobby. Most people believe it is a younger activity but on the contrary. Weighted hula hoops are the grown up hula hoops of the world with hundreds of thousands of hoopers around the world.

Weighted hoops bring a whole bunch of positive impacts to your life. Your core fitness dramatically improves, solid weight loss is easily achievable, it is a fun new hobby and it does wonders for your mental health too.

You can also hoop anywhere. It is the perfect home workout or perhaps join a Powerhoop gym class or simply hoop anywhere you go! Anyone can try it, it's easily transportable, you can choose your ideal weight and you can even join fitness hoop classes.


What is a weighted hula hoop?

Traditionally you have your rigged and smooth hula hoop with a varying diameter and weight. Some weighted hula hoops have a built in weight but very few have adjustable weight so you can build up your ability and strentgth. This is where Powerhoop comes in.

Powerhoop Weighted Hula Hoop Video 

The hoops

There are lots of cheap hula hoops on the market these days, and they're cheap for a reason. However, with anything if you invest in the best you will get the best.

Powerhoop hula hoop that will change your life
#1 Powerhoop Deluxe

The World's Most Advanced Hula Hoop:

Recently awarded The Independants "Indy Best Buy" Award, the Powerhoop Deluxe is many hula hoops in one, enabling all users to “upgrade” incrementally: The hoop starts with a basic weight of 3.5 lbs/1.6kg, and comes with four stainless steel inserts to take the weight up to 4.2 lbs/1.9kg. If you choose to have an extra set of weights, this will take the total up to 4.8 lbs/2.2kg. The diameter is 102cm.

Basic orders include: Powerhoop Deluxe, 1x Set of Weights & 3min Instructional video download.

Powerhoop Slim hula hoop that will change your life
#2 Powerhoop Slim

A streamlined weighted hula hoop suitable for all adults and optimised for teens and sensitive users. Its 3-lb /1.4kg weight helps slim and tone the body’s core muscles, while the non-­wavy inner surface and high-­density foam padding provide extra protection against discomfort. 

• The removal of one link makes the Powerhoop Slim suitable for petite users and healthy teens (ages 10+)
• Can be assembled and dismantled for travel and storage.
• All component materials meet strict European chemical safety standards for children and babies.

Basic order includes: A Powerhoop Slim & 3min Instructional video download.


Why a Powerhoop and not a weighted hula hoop™?

  • Adjustable weights: grow into your hoop at your own pace.
  • Durable & comfortable material with compressible cushioning
  • The large diameter makes it easy to use, and the wavy pattern helps to quickly build a "body armour" of core muscles
  • Powerhoops can be dismantled for convenient storage and travel
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Phthalate-free material means safety in households with children, and no unpleasant chemical smell.
  • Powerhoops are backed by top-quality customer service. Our team doesn't just sell Powerhoops... we love them ♥



There are hundreds of weighted hula hoops that all look the same and made from thin plastic, not durable and flimsy. You have a huge selection on Amazon where you can find these types of hoops. Or simply head on over to our homepage and explore the Powerhoop world for yourself.

An investment in your own Powerhoop is an investment into your health, wellbeing and mood.


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