• Weighted Hula Hoop Guide

    We’re here to help you make the best decision when buying a fitness hoop. Whether it's a Hula Hoop, Smart Hula Hoop, Weighted Hula Hoop or Powerhoop.
  • Best Hula Hoop Exercises

    We have a large expert team of instructors dotted around Europe who teach weekly classes. They showcase the best hula hoop exercises on our YouTube channel so you can get the best experience. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate hula hooper.  Take a look below to see how the Powerhoop wor...
  • The best Weighted Hoop to buy in 2021

    We will show you how weighted hula hoops are the hidden ingredient to good health and a happy soul. At a time where we are constantly stressed and overwhelmed by the modern world, it is important that we find our own space. Hula hooping is a very peaceful hobby. Most people believe it is a younge...

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